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Litigation Support

Does Your Property Look Like This? >>
If It Does, You May Have Structural Problems And You Could Be Red Tagged By The City!

Dart Engineering can solve your commercial building's "puzzle" with:

  • Certified Commercial Building Inspections
  • Repair Programs
  • Maintenance Programs (see related article)
  • Forensic Evaluations
  • Florida Statute 558 Inspections
  • Condiminium Conversion Engineering Reports

These inspections can be used for:
- Negotiating a purchase price,
- Litigation support,
- Developing a restoration, remodeling, or maintenance plan,
- Settling an insurance claim.

All work performed by a State of Florida Licensed:
- Certified Commercial Building Inspector
- Registered Professional Engineer
- Certified General Contractor

Don't hire a residential housing inspector for your commercial property!


Condominiums, Hotels, Apartments, Senior Housing, Offices, Retail, Parking Garages, Industrial, Warehouses, and Institutional Buildings.

Fees starting at $4,000.


PE 0030393 • CG CA17835 • CM C036764 • PX 1913 • BN4290 • BU1333


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